Text message is all boxes

for example . My text messaging is all messed up. Every buzz meant another text message charge on If all your messages are green, it could mean that iMessage has been disabled on your device Navigate to Settings > Messages and enable iMessage. but on the last post i would try uninstalling any patches that use the messaging app and any files that modify language fonts. g. when I text my husband and daughter they would not receive my message they would receive like x @x8 @h stuff like that. I bought the Droid X-2 and gave her my old Droid 2 and she had it activated and all that stuff and everything is good to go minus one thing. To cut down on the empty boxes and question marks filling your text message, make sure you have downloaded the most recent software update from your manufacturer. Then they were from Oregon, Idaho, and Nebraska. Now I'm getting them more often, from I have a motorola mildstone x2. About 80% of the text messages she Dec 29, 2014 Oct 25, 2010 10/25/2010, 04:27 PM #4. It really sux cuz the text message sent to me is truncated significantly. The only thing I could think of but haven't been able to confirm is if I use "extra" punctuation e. I have deleted them, closed out all open apps, rebooted the phone and they are gone, but randomly, they show up again. The other strange thing is that we found the problem is not with all basic phones. . Then all I'd receive are a bunch of small squares broken in multiple messages and the subject says [No content]. reboot and try delting messages . It happens to me every week or so, Sometimes more sometimes less. Go to Settings The suggested workaround for this bug is to use the text replacement feature built into iOS:. When he sends texts to one particular person, the receiver ends up getting gibberish on the other end, basically all she gets is the ASCII character, . “Start a career in law enforcement!” “You have 1 unread message from your secret crush!” At first they were all from Las Vegas. Nov 5, 2017 Users across the web are noticing tweets, messages, and other content showing a letter “A” followed by a question mark in a box. If it is not turned on Sep 29, 2011 Text message problem - Sending boxes instead of letters. Jun 29, 2017 Text and chat apps are all the rage. Apple's You can use other apps to send texts from your iPhone, but if you want to use all of iMessage's features, you have to use the Messages app. my phone is two weeks old. First off this is for my mothers Droid 2 but its prolly a common problem. Like more than 80% of the text message is missing and only a few weird greek numbers are left. "" or extra spaces between It used to just be months ago when I'd get a corrupt text message because my wife who is on a smart phone would include an emoji in the text message. Besides all those vitally important security updates come Feb 5, 2016 I have been seeing blank text messages on my iPhone 6. Nov 8, 2017 Unfortunately not all developers are on the same page or at the same pace. Some other forums say it's an issue between apple mms and verizon/tmobile sms/mms. If you send a text from your iPhone to another iPhone which is turned on an connected to the web, then the message appears in blue. reboot, and send a new message and see I often see squares used in messages posted on this forum and have just received a text message from a client with just two little squares and. tags: Email and . "" or extra spaces between When you see the square or a box symbols in a text message then it means that your phone is not able to recognize the letters and its showing only square or boxes. Apr 13, 2012 Then came the deluge. Your word balloons are blue; The Send button is blue; The text-entry box reads iMessage before you've typed in it. Proof that my “I” This update fixes the autocorrect bug for all users. webos doesnt support all languages. looks like it may be a diff language?. Sending text messages just show squares and/or foreign characters. It just started today? My text messaging is all messed up. I've gotten several comments from friends and family that my text messages sometimes come through to them as little square symbols(they also have verizon but not smart phones). I never get a tone that I received a text, they just appear at the bottom of my other texts with no person or phone number. “Clearance pricing on new cars!” my phone buzzed