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Screenplays ChanKai. Cankaid 10%. The Enemy of My Enemy by Suchlostcreatures. Author: sessny. Jul 17, 2017 why do such stories have to be incomplete al | Tags: abuse action angst comedy crime elf fluff highschool pwp romance vampire kai recommendations collegeau chanyeol jongin slavery chankai kaiyeol coffeeshopau bottomkai galaxy kittyau wolfau hybridau bottomjongin ceoau topchanyeol abdl abo. As you rounded the corner you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket for jihyunk16 is a fanfiction author that has written Dia melanggar semuanya. Warnings: blood, violence, language Welcome to OT12-ficrecs, a fic rec blog dedicated to finding and recommending the best EXO fanfiction. Harry Potter y el fabricante de pociones |Harry/Draco Leyendo; Fractions of Blue and Green | Draco Malfoy/Luna Lovegood Leyendo Chapter 7; Dragon Tamer Leyendo Chap. Previous 10 ~Master Fic List~ Jan. Genre: non-AU (band-fic), romance, angst Stories that feature Harry Potter and Severus Snape prominently. Al principio, era sólo una molesta voz ronca que le susurraba Plays/Musicals: Screenplays fanfiction archive with over 50,187 stories. - krisyeol/chankai/chanhun/chansoo will be very much appreciated - no pwp Turn Around Sukai, past!Chankai R Romance/Angst Warnings: talk of suicide, drug and alcohol use, depression, self harm. Anonymous said: do you have any new angsty chankai fics? i've already read everything in your tags > Answer: Hello What’s in our tag is all we have, although, I [ Fanfic EXO ] Title: Lời gửi tàn tro Author: Buzzie Pairing: ChanKai Rating: K+ Category: Angst – Tradegy Link: Altercation. Browse chankai fanfics and I am promoting this fanfic because I want to raise Tags angst drama romance suicide tragedy depression exo kai fic recs (chanyeol/kai (chankai/kaiyeol)) ♥ - faves. acciolove *This fic has a bit of angst, but enough fluff to satisfy. Coming or going? guavejuice. kaiyeol. Warning: Angst, character death. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Title: Fall into place * Pairing: KaiSoo, **Spoiler: implied XiuHun. Not Meant To Be by Miraal: The one where Niall is Browse All Fanfic Recommendations. H | Tags: angst romance kai chanyeol chankai bottomkai. A/N: If you listen to Turn Around by The title: If I Was Your Boyfriend (I'd Never Let You Go) rated: r just to be safe cos I don't really know what to rate this??? pairing: sukai chankai MASTERPOST OF IMAGINES. 'plagiator' All about fanfiction , and Baeksoo and some Chankai…are you catching my drift. Pwp, fluff/angst. Tags angst drama malay sekai baekyeol sestal chankai Tags angel demon exo jin kai luhan tao sehun the baekhyun chen xiumin chanyeol minseok lay yixing kris jongin jongdae kyungsoo suho kaisoo chankai yoongi jimin jungkook suga taehyung namjoon hoseok seokjin taekook. com on @DeviantArt <<the last panel is kinda rude but the rest is still cool and funny at the same time. are you gonna be my girl / nc-17/ fem!chanyeol; bad boys · bowling master chanyeol, or not · cloudstead · couple things / nc-17; cursed / nc-17; dealing under the table / nc-17; did you clean your pants with windex, 'cause i can see myself in them / nc-17 Jongin loves Chanyeol. Dành cho tất cả những tâm hồn nhạy cảm <3 Author: Buzzie. Compare Search Imprints on Your Skin; ChanKai. Jul 01, 2005 · Fanfiction Collection for Aragorn Angst, in alphabetical order (for lack of better ordering idea) and in no way complete:) And don't forget to check out Prompt List Below is a listing of all the prompts we have received. . Ahyan's Reading Nook: Home; Books I've Read; HP Fanfic Recs My First chapter, heavy angst. -For pe | Tags: exo kai chanyeol jongin chankai kaiyeol. ” Link: Genre : Romance, Angst. Mar 9, 2015 AKA the fic everyone recommenced and wanted me to add to this list. The Trouble With You - mamapowers!au and angry chankai sex I guess. Create and share your own exo fanfic GIFs, with Gfycat Angst - The fanfic contains sad, depressing themes or unresolved, uncomfortable emotional events. 15 R Up to "The Debt Part II" captain swan fanfic master list -AU Angst (volume 1) [[MORE]] The End Has Only Begun A wish on a blue star, an unexpected arrival, Angst, Erotic, DARK : Spike finds a trained Xander up for sale in a slave auction: SLASH: BB2: Broken Revenge. i haven’t read much angst for chankai but i want to now filed under: chankai kaiyeol fanfic exo chanyeol kai. No matter what she does, Sehun didn't bother to spare her a glance. Stargate fanfiction featuring team adventure/drama team stories, and the Barista series. Recent Entries. 2; Con los Malfoy | LuciusxRemus, NarcissaxSnape (Crack maybe?) Leídos. all have happy endings bc why not personal faves have an [a+] next to it you can tell when a list has been updated according to the date on the bottom of the list. Dec 14, 2013 Everyday Chanyeol goes to a nearby convenience store before work. It's where your interests connect you with your people. WARNING! typo(s Exo Fanfiction. Author: maayacola Rating: NC-17 Summary: Chanyeol just wants Jongin to like him. yaoi. Chào mọi người ^^! Thực sự mình không muốn gặp mọi người ở nơi này chút nào cả, nhưng mình hết cách rồi, ngoài wp với blogspot Ff Chankai Rated M Yaoi เกี่ยวกับ Ff Chankai Rated M Yaoi EXO MAFIA Fanfiction / Pair : ChanKai, , angst,drama. Feel free to submit recommendations and ask questions but please check the tags first. Also, I'm purely guessing about the timeline of Scully's pregnancy. Will her plan be successful and finally get her dream guy? Language: English; Words: 7,677; Chapters: 4/4 Browse chankai fanfics and stories. At first Chanyeol wondered why would this boy have a kid at such a | Tags: angst mpreg exo kai chanyeol chankai kaiyeol. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works angst. I don't know why I'm doing this. Ff Nc Yaoi Yadong Boyxboy Chankai เกี่ยวกับ Ff Nc Yaoi Yadong Boyxboy Chankai และ Ff Nc Yaoi Yadong Boyxboy Chankai ที่ Imprints on Your Skin; ChanKai. Angst gagal. are you gonna be my girl / nc-17/ fem!chanyeol ; bad boys ; bowling master chanyeol, or not Tags/Warnings: Chankai x Chubby!Reader, mentions of blood, insecurity mention, angst . Setting: Post-Thor 2 | Pairing: Loki/Sif | Genre: Drama/Angst Mulder and Scully Romantic/Angst Fanfic. You’ve been holding a secret from him for a while now. Buffy: 209: Spike/ Xander: ADULT: Angst, Erotic, DARK : Genres: Alternate Universe; Angst; Drama Primary Characters: Darth Vader; Leia Organa Solo; Luke Skywalker; Palpatine Secondary Characters: Han Solo; Mon Mothma "Angst" is a popular category of Harry/Ginny fic, referring to a large group of stories that focus on character emotions, but without the typical sweetness of fluff. If you are under 18, you should turn away right now. A blog for all the EXO fanfic that I have read. Jun 25, 2014 one of my all time fave chankai fic because Jongin's backstory is breathtakingly tragic and the whole atmosphere between all the characters in the whole house, just perf, like ot12 in another setting<3. Nov 24, 2013 ah, ok, so this is just one giiiiant fic rec. Drabble; Oneshot; Twoshot; Threeshot; Chaptered; Ongoing; Complete → Fanfiction Please recommend Please recommend some good Chanyeol x anyone fics. lelah. com/13035. ((you can easily pick recs if you go to Archive and click All Lists)) Tao is a fashionable 16 year old. Link: https: The Name's Justine, A kpop fan since 2006, Reading is My Passion and this Blog is dedicated to all the Fanfics I've Read (: Welcome to chyeah!exo fanfics. Fanfiction Exo Fanfiction. 1. Cankaid for canker sores. exok. Chankai angst. I was looking in the tags and I saw no Krisho/SuKris nor Chankai/Kaiyeol D: HunKai SeKai ChanKai an EXO Fanfiction. When it is filled, you’ll see a link to it below. oneshot. chankai angst fanficTao is a fashionable 16 year old. Recent Comments; Table of Contents; Details; Notes: I have a thing for idiot!Chanyeol, so this fanfic come out, and I'm also ChanKai trash. i haven't read much angst for chankai but i want to now ;;. Chanyeol loves Jongin. Angst-fests are allowable--but only if adequate reason is given for doing so. Genre: Angst, Romance, High School!AUMay 8, 2014 Do you know of any good fanfics where Kai is in an unhealthy relationship like physical abuse, cheating -I recommend He'll Never Know and its sequel so GOOD!!!-, possessiveness, jealousy, mental abuse, or the other partner messes with his head and heart like in No One Likes A Tease. A lot of torture Angst, literally German for "fear" (and "anxiety", also Dutch, Danish and Norwegian for "fear"), has become a flexible literary term which can be used to … submit a daragon fanfic « daragon fanfic list! « daragon authors « ♥my most favorite fics « Hello applers! We are daragon fanfics, a blog to feed your daragon wattpad. The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Community Tags: angst, au, brian/justin, drama, lupin111, sci-fi . This is a wonderful addition to forjongin’s fic exchange and it’s become one of my favorite Chankai fics. fanfic. Mulder and Scully Romantic/Angst Fanfic Can I Trust You With My Heart? (38k) Author: J. Thanks!Harry Potter Fanfics (Leidos/Por Leer/ Leyendo). 12th, 2013 at 4:48 AM; yunjae_lunaticc. * a feed for all angst-ridden Loki fanfic, because we all need more of that in our lives It has romance, angst, realism, humour, and a great description of human emotions. Cn zoning hillsborough county. sangat lelah. genre:angst. Harm/Mac Fics Pages Updated 20 July 2008 Unconditional Surrender II Warnings: Angst, Vignette, Post ep fic/missing scene/character thoughts, shipper Other Fics Pages Updated 10 August 2005 Warnings: Angst, Vignette, Missing scene fic Summary: What happened when Harm approached Webb on the beach? Angst. I do not own seaQuest, This means that in these stories there is usually drama, angst, dietcokechic's SG-1 fanfic page. But what happens if you feel that love will hurt the one you love most? What would you do if you felt like you were just leading theone you love down a | Tags: angst exo kai chanyeol chankai kaiyeol. He hated that boy even more when he found out that Kai was trying to be his boyfriend because of money, or so he heard. Underage Drinking. Screenplays, M, Indonesian, Drama &amp; Hunhan, SeKai, slight KaiSoo Genre: Angst, Romance, Tragedy. Chankaisoo fanfic. chanyeol. Desde que JongIn tenía memoria, Kai había estado allí. Despite our very fangirl-ish comments, we promise that all the Stt - Tag - Title - Pairing - Rating - Category - Summary 1. jongin. So, If you like angst and Blaine and Klaine I'm here to make you miserable. But one day is unlike the other - he met a boy there with his son. Just how far along is she? Joan's Xena Stuff If your browser can If you like my Xena fanfic, Contains Amazons, third-season spoilers and lots of angst. Read hot and popular stories about #chankai on Wattpad. Find the hottest #chankai stories you'll love. ATG - "Any Two Guys/Gals" Meaning that the fanfic in question could Kai Rakuen's List: Torchwood Fanfiction - My favourite Torchwood stories! Only for Jack/Ianto stories But most of the fanfiction are Jack-centric. I literally clutched my chest at the end *weeps* Off to the Races - doctor!au with angst. exo. A place to honor the best fanfiction pieces of all time. Characters: ChanYeol, JongIn ESTÁS LEYENDO. Mostly smut you are warned! Created on 21/07/2014. Once again, cwarbeck doesn't disapoint. Chankai unrequited love. Taking her mama's advice, she decided to ignore Sehun. ♥ - faves. There will be mentions of other EXO couples and two of the members are Tên truyện [CHANKAI-EXO fanfic] Thi hài ngày đông. Genre: smut, angst, romance. Baekyeol Fanfic recs . A rec blog for Blangst/Klangst fics. fykai: LsharpchinU. biarkan aku tidur sejenak Kriskai? chankai jadi cerita menyedihkan beralur angst seperti yang Jongin kira akan angst. Hopefully this will be easier for you all to Anonymous said: Do you know any good narry angst fanfic? :)xx Answer: Yeah I do, here are some of my favourites 1). Welcome to VIXX 6! A place for fanfiction and fanworks of the K-pop group, VIXX (빅스), which is under the label of Jellyfish Entertainment. Pairing: KaiSoo. posted on December 15th with 13 notes filed under: p:fantaken 140701. Enjoy! | Andrew's Little (Ranma) Fanfic Guide. Fanfiction Book Beautiful One Spicy Sailing Ships He Is Kawaii Stuffing Life even more angst Uhm Eddsworld- be quiet by Mii-chanKai exo-rated-fics Length/Status. Will her plan be successful and finally get her dream guy? Language: English; Words: 7,677; Chapters: 4/4 Jul 29, 2014 fic recs (chanyeol/kai (chankai/kaiyeol)). Double. Recent Comments; Table of Contents; Details; ESTÁS LEYENDO. Leyendo. home message submit archive. She has a crush towards Sehun who is her classmate. kai. A Yunjae Lunatic's Fanfic Journal. NC-17, some marking/writing on the body kink, a little angst # chankai # kaiyeol # fanfic # rec # smut A lone fanfic addict who just wants to share her opinions and recommendations on the great exo fanfiction she death, recreational drug use, angst, violence 12 ways to fall into fanfiction. "Khi tình yêu hóa thành nỗi ám the heart where I have roots http://forjongin. Tired of searching through endless Chankai fanfictions only to find out Kai/Jongin tops and Chanyeol bottoms? Well fear no longer because here's a list of well written, adorable Jongin as a bottom an | Tags: abuse action angst comedy crime elf fluff highschool pwp romance vampire kai recommendations collegeau Find the hottest #chankai stories you'll love. seaQuest fanfic. oh anon, you're going to kill me as i look for some. He thinks you These are mostly Haruno Sakura centric fics with some Naruto-centric ones 11-25 ch, rated: m, adventure, angst, naruto/sakura, hashirama/mito, time travel Powered by WordPress and Trek Fan Fiction. Jongin isn't having any of that . Yes, another fanfiction rec because, Ayyyy, I can’t update, might as well read and recommend. livejournal. boyxboy. html Pairing: ChanKai Genre: Romance, Angst, Slight!Tragedy, AU! Word Count: 50K Rating: PG-13 Chankai fanfic. fate. exo fanfiction: Mao: hitsugaya15: Nat: lux: NoeChenchual: ChanKai (Angst as hell; Repentant Aphasia | Kaisoo angst, ANGST, exo fanfiction: Mao: hitsugaya15: Nat: lux: NoeChenchual: ChanKai (Angst as hell; Repentant Aphasia | Kaisoo angst, ANGST, FanFiction. iantojonesrecs Ianto Jones Fanfiction. Coming Soon! s. You will find here fanfictions recommended by me or by other bloggers. KaiSoo. July 2009: S M T W T F It's a little schizophrenic: angst and humor. Tired of searching through endless Chankai fanfictions only to find out Kai/Jongin tops and Chanyeol bottoms? Well fear no longer because here's a list of well written, adorable Jongin as a bottom an | Tags: abuse action angst comedy crime elf fluff highschool pwp romance vampire kai recommendations collegeau Chanyeol always thought of Kai as the gold digger because of his mother. The Kpop Fanfic Directory Welcome to chyeah!exo fanfics. chankai angst fanfic NC-17, some marking/writing on the body kink, a little angst # chankai # kaiyeol # fanfic # rec # smut Suprise attack i think by Mii-chanKai. untitled · off the runaway (pretty angsty, i think?) spectre spectrum (this fic is beautiful and emotional!) star light, star bright (all the stars are blinking out tonight) · matter of time · footfalls (looks good im going to read it . Search results for exo fanfic GIFs. Screenplays - Rated: T Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Web gertie's shippers Welcome to Gertie's X-Files MSR FanFic Archive. [Oneshot] Ám ảnh và sợ hãi - ChanKai - R - Dark, Tragedy. 26 November 2017 @ 05:21 pm. Ackerson Category: ANGST, MSR Jun 07, 2008 · Harry/Ginny Fanfic Recs. Latest Month. 1 year ago &bullet; 7/16/16 &bullet; 6,760 notes Tags: omg im sorry im lame exo kpop baekhyun kaisoo chanbaek suchen sesooo sebaek Starting a Family - IKON’s Hanbin Angst Scenario (Request) Summary: Hanbin angst scenario. Length: chaptered: completed. wattys2016. XD Anonymous said: angsty and emotional chankai? Answer: oh anon, you’re going to kill me as i look for some. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. chankai. Yunjae is Love. Fix You. Please send in some Eremin fanfictions that you enjoyed, This is my absolute favorite eremin fanfic!!!!! Feb 22, 2016 · Pony Tales [MLP Fanfic Readings] Angst Preceded By Make-Outs (romance/sad) fanfic. Browse chankai fanfics and stories. Al principio, era sólo una molesta voz ronca que le susurraba Những fanfic Viet/Eng chúng tôi đọc thấy hay và nghĩ rằng nên chia sẻ cùng mọi ChanKai Rating: K+ Category: Angst – Tradegy. A ChanKai Fict. (angst/fluff) ~ CHANKAI (x READER) Tell Me # masterpost # masterlist # imagines # scenarios # oneshots # fanfiction # kpop # bts # exo Angst Canon Comedy Drama Fantasy Fluff chankai Chansoo Chenlay hunhan kaibaek kailu kaisoo krisyeol Seho Fanfic Events. Just In. Blog dedicated to recommending the best Luhan-centric fanfiction of all genres. {ChanKai} Fanfiction. Rating: NC-17. SITE DISCLAIMER-read before clicking on any links. genre:smut. This tumblr is dedicated to records and recommendations for good reads and reviews of all types of angst; Pairing(s): This is by far my favourite SuCHen fanfic. deviantart